Get Inspired: Exercise

April 4th, 2014

No matter the weather, exercise is still possible. Take a swim, go for a run or walk the kids to the park. Get those endorphins going and enjoy God’s beautiful creation. Go!

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An Interview with with Bekah Hamrick Martin, author of The Bare Naked Truth

March 31st, 2014
Bekah Hamrick Martin
Bekah knows about waiting–for the right guy, for high school to end, for her boobs to come in (two out of three ain’t bad).
Bekah lives with her best friend and husband, Ethan, and their Tiny Human Zoey Bree, in between speaking and writing for teens. (And getting at least five minutes of sleep every night whether she needs it or not.)
About The Bare Naked Truth:

The Bare Naked Truth by Bekah Hamrick MartinThe Truth About Sex and Waiting … Uncovered Purity. Sex. Boys. Waiting. There’s something about those words that makes everything complex in a heartbeat, and raises more questions than answers. Is there something wrong with me if I don’t kiss a boy after a date? Or am I doomed if I DID? What if waiting is just a one-way trip to life as a crazy cat woman? And what if I tend to, um, think about a certain boy in a certain way?

It seems that the lady at church and your friends have two very different opinions on the subject. And ‘Your Budding Womanhood: Staying a Beautiful Flower for Jesus’ just isn’t cutting it. Bekah Hamrick Martin knows the waiting game isn’t easy or straight-forward. In The Bare Naked Truth, she lays everything on the table—including some embarrassing moments—as she explores the honest, naked truth behind what God means by purity. With additional entries from popular authors, you’ll see the bare naked approach to waiting isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the risk.

The Bare Naked Truth takes a satirical stab at the lies girls believe about sex–lies like, waiting is for wusses, or you must be something wrong with you if you didn’t kiss the jock, or you’re a failure because you did kiss the jock.


Get Inspired: Day Trips

March 28th, 2014

Let’s plan a trip! Don’t those words just scream inspiration? Maybe you’ll take a day trip with the kids to your local Children’s Museum. Or maybe it will be a weekend getaway with your spouse. Or maybe you can find a business conference near you to attend. Take a look around and find a quick trip that fits your budget and brings on the inspiration!

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An Interview with Jennifer Maggio, Author of “Peace and the Single Mom”

March 24th, 2014


About Jennifer Maggio

Jennifer MaggioJennifer Maggio is an award-winning author and speaker, whose personal journey through homelessness, abuse, and multiple teen pregnancies is leaving audiences around the globe riveted. At 19, Maggio was pregnant for the fourth time, living in government housing on food stamps and welfare. She ultimately became an 11-time Circle of Excellence winner in Corporate America. However, she left her corporate successes behind to launch a global initiative to see women living a life of total freedom. Her passion is contagious and her story has been used to inspire millions around the globe.

In addition to being a busy wife and mother of three, she is the founder of The Life of a Single Mom Ministries, a global nonprofit that has helped thousands of churches in 19 countries effectively minister to single moms in their community. She founded Overwhelmed: The Single Moms Magazine and currently oversees one of the nation’s largest single moms’ ministries in a local church. She is a columnist with Single Parents Town, Moms Together, iBelieve, Crosswalk, and many others. She has written for countless women’s, parent’s, and discipleship training magazines and sites.

Jennifer has been featured in countless media venues in print, television, and radio with Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family, The 700 Club, Moody Radio, Family Life Radio, KLOVE Radio, Power Women, and many others.

About Peace and the Single Mom

Being a single mom is often seen as a joy-stealing and dream-dashing cross to bear. The truth is, it’s hard. Some days it can seem impossible. But in the midst of the chaos of single parenting there is much hope…if only the wind and rain would calm just long enough for the light to shine through. With these 50 moments of peace, Jennifer Maggio gracefully weaves scriptural truths and personal stories to gently soothe the storm that rages in every single mom’s heart. Single mom, are you overwhelmed, stressed out, and fed up? Are you desperate to find peace in the storm? Partner with Jennifer Maggio to win the battle over self-doubt, regret, and fear. Peace and the Single Mom offers 50 Moments of calm in the chaos, guiding single moms to strength and hope. Like a wise friend, Jennifer Maggio invites single moms to experience Jesus as she parents those beautiful babies God placed in her heart and life. Maggio gets it, because she s lived it, and it shows in every single word. Suzanne Eller, Proverbs 31 Ministries author and speaker, radio co-host of Encouragement Café, and creator of Moms Together Downloadable group study guides of various lengths are also available, each designed to encourage individuals while fostering unity among the single moms in your church or community.

Get Inspired: Craft Time

March 21st, 2014

Are you crafty? Or maybe you’re more like me … a craftfail. :) Either way, one way to find inspiration is to create something new and unique. Search out a fun project on Pinterest. Make a chalk drawing with your kids. Or start that novel that you’ve been wanting to write for years. Enjoy the process AND the results and let them inspire you!

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An Interview with Cynthia Ruchti, Author of “Ragged Hope”

March 17th, 2014

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Cynthia Ruchti


About the Author: 

Cynthia Ruchti tells stories of Hope-that-glows-in-the-dark through her novels and novellas, nonfiction projects, speaking events and a history of 33 years of on-air storytelling through The Heartbeat of the Home radio broadcast.

Her books have been recognized by Retailers’ Choice, RT Reviewers’ Choice, Family Fiction Readers’ Choice, ACFW’s Carol Award nomination, and other honors. In addition to Ruchti’s four previously released books, her novel When the Morning Glory Blooms (Abingdon Press Fiction) released in April 2013, followed by Ragged Hope, her second non-fiction release in July. Ruchti has also written articles for numerous magazines and industry publications and currently serves as Professional Relations Liaison for American Christian Fiction Writers.

Ruchti lives in Wisconsin where she spends her days diving into words, worship and wonder. It is her delight to serve on her church’s worship team and creative arts team. One of her greatest joys is helping other writers grow in their craft. Cynthia and her husband have been married for 40-plus years and have three grown children and five grandchildren. Continue reading An Interview with Cynthia Ruchti, Author of “Ragged Hope”

Get Inspired: Coaching

March 14th, 2014

Sometimes finding inspiration and motivation takes a push. We tend to hold ourselves back because of fear. Inviting someone into our lives whose whole job is to push us is a great way to break through those barriers. I love coaching – both being a Christian business coach AND being coached. Consider checking out coaching if you need a push.
(All kinds of affordable Christian business coaching is available at Contact me if you’re interested and receive a 25% discount!)

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Weight Loss, Confidence and the Journey I’ve Been On…

March 10th, 2014


Some of you may have heard that my new book, Do Life Different, just released on February 1st. (If you somehow missed my excited raving about it, check it out here).

The book is based on some of the video devotions that I have recorded for CWAHM over the years. As I was putting together the list of videos that correspond to the book, I was amazed at the change that I saw in myself.

I recorded that first video devotion in August of 2010 – nearly four years ago. I was nearly 50 pounds heavier and totally insecure behind the camera. I had to force myself to do that video because I had promised a friend and mentor that I would put myself out there and say what God had laid on my heart. I think I must have recorded it ten times before I just gave up and went with what I had. :)

And so the videos began. I was very careful in the beginning to show just head and shoulders – I didn’t want anyone to see the real me, the “heavy,” insecure, vulnerable lady behind the scenes. I had gained a lot of weight with each of my pregnancies and then was diagnosed with a thyroid disease which added even more pounds. I was so heavy that I couldn’t even walk up and down the stairs in our house without huffing and puffing.

I was uncomfortable and unhappy with myself. Continue reading Weight Loss, Confidence and the Journey I’ve Been On…

An Interview with Glynnis Whitwer, Author of Everyday Confetti

March 6th, 2014

Interview with Glynnis Whitwer:

About the Author:

Glynnis Whitwer

Glynnis Whitwer is on staff with Proverbs 31 Ministries as the Senior Editor of the P31 Woman magazine. She is one of the writers of Encouragement for Today, the Proverbs 31 e-mail devotions, with over 500,000 daily readers. Her newest book, I Used to be So Organized, has just been released. Glynnis, her husband Tod, and their five children live in Glendale, Arizona. Visit or to learn more.

About Everyday Confetti:
Everyday ConfettiWhen a busy woman looks at her calendar and sees a birthday, holiday, or special occasion, she has the best intentions for bringing joy to her family and creating lasting memories. Then reality hits. Amidst demanding responsibilities and an overloaded schedule, when is she ever going to have time to plan the perfect celebration or find the creativity to make it special?

In this go-to guide, Karen Ehman and Glynnis Whitwer give women the ideas and the motivation they need to make such occasions less daunting. They provide creative ideas and menu plans for

  • Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Special Events
  • Everyday Occasions

Readers will even find suggestions for reaching out to others throughout the year through celebrations that are simple, doable, and stress-free.

Daily Different: Smile

February 23rd, 2014

Do Life Different Today:
Keep it simple.
Hold a door open for someone.